About Us


META POWR SPORTS ®Utilizes Ultra-Premium Trademarked Science-Backed, Goal-Specific Nutrients & Actives. Fueling your Performance & Driving your Fitness Goals.

Our Path- META POWR SPORTS ® a Sports-Nutrition & Lifestyle Fitness Brand established on a 25+ year foundation of Industry experience. Having the incredible opportunity to work among the best, Award-Winning & Prestigious Sports-Nutrition, Lifestyle Brands in the World. Directly working alongside the most successful, creative & innovative CEO’s in the industry. Collaborating with some of the Leading Influencers, Chief Science Officers, Formulators, Research & Development Teams, Brand & Marketing experts and the very best Sales Teams in the Industry. Coming to realize the purpose of this very long journey. Was simply a process, an in-depth life-long research of producing the most effective, result specific nutraceutical supplementation to help propel you 1-LEVEL UP. META POWER SPORTS®

Our Mission

META POWER SPORTS ® We have a simple philosophy. Formulate quality Supplement-Formulas that produce results. With No-Fluff! We have a responsibility to you, our loyal customers & followers. To deliver the most effective Unique Goal-Specific Supplement Formulas. Made with Top-Quality, Ultra-Premium, Patented-Trademarked, Scientifically Proven Active, Nutrient-Compounds & Botanical Extracts. Provide accurately dosed supplementation to support, propel you beyond failure, setting new personal bests and push you One-Level Up. No matter what your level of fitness, conditioning or goals. META POWER SPORTS ® is here to Fuel your Performance & Drive your Fitness Goals! #1LevelUP


Our Products

Our commitment to promoting health & longevity and fueling your performance. Starts with the foundation of elevating the current standards in quality, research, product development of nutritional supplement formulas on the market. Only utilizing ultra-premium-quality, clinically researched-proven safe & effective active nutrients-compounds. Our products are proudly made in the USA in a state-of-the-art FDA inspected and registered GMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practice) Facility. All our products are third-party tested for quality, safety and potency. #1LEVELUP